Our team

Rick L. Francis


Rick has worked as financial analyst until his retirement. He is a well-known research director and portfolio manager for more than 50 years. After many years in the market, he dedicated all his time to write articles highlighting different financial problems.

Rick is famous author who usually takes part in TV shows, gives commentaries on radio or in newspapers.

Joseph M. Barr


Joseph specializes in REITs, gas and oil investments, dividends. He is a well-known person in business world. He is a developer and creator of famous DPI screening service. This tool provides screening and monitoring charts and produces analysis of equity investments.

Besides, Joseph is a top-ranked author with a focus on investing strategies.

Joseph says that his huge experience in 30 years, gives him priority among others. He worked for different national and international companies. He has unique insights into the investments for oil and gas field.

Joseph likes to share his predictions and analysis with readers. He still creates profitable equity portfolios for his clients.

Right now he lives in France, and still actively work with investments, paying attention to all factors that can change market’s mood.

Thomas S. Thomas


Thomas is a prominent financial advisor. His main specialty is providing portfolio strategies, long and short equity prognosis.

Thomas works as an independent advisor. He has 40 years experience in this field. He is very attracted to the hardest market’s cycles which can scary off any average investor.

His strategy usually includes years of practice, theory, experience. When he is working on creating portfolio, Thomas’s main goal is to achieve positive results as quickly as it is possible.

Recently, Thomas has started to work on special service called “Wisdom and Investments”, which will provide valuable advices for investors.

According to Thomas, the main purpose of his work is to guarantee security for money of his clients and their families. He takes care of their money as of his own.