Gujarat: ?Man-eater? leopard that killed three persons caged

VADODARA: Two leopards were caged in Dhanpur taluka of late on Thursday after three persons were killed by the wild animals last month. It is believed that one of the leopards was ?man eater? that had earlier gone to neighbouring (MP).

The leopard had killed two girls on November 21 and 22 and an elderly woman on November 26. Several efforts were made earlier to cage it and forest officials from Sasan were also roped in for the operation to nab it.

It was subsequently ascertained that the leopard had gone to MP as its pugmarks were seen on the both the banks of the Panam river. The river is on the border of the two states. In wake of the development, forest officials from the state had alerted their counterparts in MP. But with chances of the leopard returning, the forest department had not removed the cages.

The leopard was caged late on Thursday evening at Kotambi in Dhanpur taluka.

Forest officials said that they were confident that the leopard was one that had killed three persons last month. ?The caged leopard?s pugmarks are almost same as those of the leopard that had attacked people earlier,? said district forest officer J L Jhala.

Jhala said that the leopard?s canine tooth was also damaged and it had an infection in its teeth. This might have made preying difficult for it.

?In the case of one of the persons that it had killed, the leopard had eaten only soft parts of the deceased?s body like ears, nose and lips. This had given us an indication that it might be having problems with its teeth,? said Jhala.

The other leopard was caged at Punakota that is also located near Dhanpur. This leopard is much younger and smaller than the one trapped at Kotambi.

Jhala said that two persons had seen the leopard that was attacking humans from a short distance. ?

We will show both the leopards to them and try to identify the one that was attacking people,? Jhala said.
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