The worst Facebook hack in history

October 2, 2018 - By Mildred Donovan

Experts believe that new attack of hackers on Facebook was much worse than anyone realized. The Vice President of Facebook department of international marketing solutions, Carolyn Everson sounded very threatening when she described recent hacker’s attack on the social media. She said the goal of hack was probably to receive control over tens of millions accounts of users across the world.

When she described new attack of hackers or one hacker on Facebook, she told that their plan included understanding of three different bugs. Attack was planned and Facebook officials are not sure how it will affect it. There has not been any certain move from hacker or hackers. Facebook securities know only that there are worms and who knows what they will do.

Some experts say they are not very surprised to hear about another attack of hackers on Facebook, as it happens a lot for the last several years. Some of them even compare the situation with the neighbor that always spy on others from his window but forgets to close his own doors.

On Friday, Facebook has confirmed that there are bugs that can expose over 50 million users’ accounts. And yet, there may be even more surprises. Specialists say that there may be problems with other services that people use through logging in by Facebook, like Spotify, Tinder or even Airbnb.

There is no clear information on how much information hackers took with them and what they are going to do next. Meanwhile, it is clear that they will have full access to profiles of millions of people.

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