Bacterial infection caused by puppies

September 14, 2018 - By Mildred Donovan

It may sound ridiculous. How can cute puppies be connected to strong bacterial infection with resistance to drugs? Unfortunately, they can.

At least, that is what Center of Disease Control and Prevention found out during the latest research. These bacteria can cause cramps, fever, and diarrhea.

CDC has provided broad investigation in several states. They were helped by agriculture and health departments of the US. According to their information, there are 118 people across 18 states that they checked who were infected. And 29 of them are workers of pet stores. The bacteria is called Campylobacter jejuni.

All the patients with the bacteria were infected somewhere between 2016 January and 2018 February. And 26 of them were even hospitalized. However, there were no death cases recorded.

According to the officials from the CDC, the bacteria can be spread through puppies that were sold at different pet stores. They also found out that 105 of the ill patients confirmed that they were playing with dogs before becoming ill. And 101 of them had contacts with puppies in pet stores.

Usually, this disease is spreading when humans eat undercooked raw meat or poultry, drinking water with bacteria in it or consuming the food that previously was in a contact with bacteria. It also occurs when humans have contact with the feces of cats or dogs.

The bacteria are resistant to multi drugs and can spread very quickly after the contact with animals. CDC says that there must be a strict hygiene practice that can save humans from bacteria.

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